We think there are a few simple steps the Labour Party could take to better support victims of domestic and sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination to come forward as well as to make a real shift in the culture of the Party:

  1. A comprehensive set of policies on bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, abuse, assault and sexual assault – including clear protections against victimisation for those reporting incidents, in line with the Equality Act.
  2. A new section in the Rule Book requiring members not to share confidential information they become aware of as part of a complaints process – with penalties for breach of these rules.
  3. Safeguarding training for all party staff, elected officials and those holding voluntary positions within the party both locally and nationally, which includes a clear set of guidelines about appropriate behaviour, alongside training for party members to be good bystanders who know how to challenge inappropriate behaviour and support victims if they come forward.
  4. Independent, expert advisers to assist internal party panels of NEC or NCC members when making determinations in all complaints relating to the policies set out in 1 above.