The purpose of this project is to safely give a voice to the many women who have faced sexual and domestic abuse, harassment and discrimination within the Labour Party. Our primary focus as women, some of whom work with survivors of crimes against women and girls, is to ensure the safety of those who take part. Please note: this is not an official Labour Party website or a way to report assaults or discrimination to the Labour Party. If you have experienced any form of sexual harassment within a Labour Party environment you can report it directly to the party so it can be dealt with through their existing procedures. A copy of the sexual harassment procedure can be found on MembersNet at the following link:

We have done and will do everything we can to keep your information confidential. All data is stored in a password protected electronic format. To help protect your confidentiality, the surveys will not contain information that will personally identify you (e.g. name, postal or email address) and we will edit any entries if we are concerned that there is a possibility you or the potential perpetrators could be identified. The Survey provider is SurveyMonkey a recognised secure provider of surveys. You can read their privacy policy here:

We will not include any stories in the report that specifically name individuals.

We will use the information provided in the entries in a report which will be presented to Members of Parliament and the Labour Party Safeguarding Lead. We may also use extracts from entries in media statements or in newspapers or magazine articles.

Finally, we recognise that the fact we are anonymous too may create a sense of uncertainty about the use of the stories provided. All of us are Labour Party members, some with many years under our belt. We’ve all held positions of responsibility in the Party and have a deep commitment to its success – we act not out of any misguided sense of factionalism, lack of loyalty or hostility to current or previous leaderships. We are simply interested in letting the light in to the very real experience that women have in the Party day-in day-out so that those in positions of authority have the evidence to take real action.

If you have any complaints, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.